Permanent makeup procedures should be carried out in the special environment, by a competent professional.

There are advertisements on the Internet that the permanent makeup tattooist offers to provide his/her services at home. But how safe is it to expose yourself to such procedure outside of a cosmetic salon?

Cosmetic tattooing is a very serious procedure that requires strong skills and a well-equipped space. It requires a comfortable couch for the client, a particular stand for equipment and very good light provided by special lamps. In theory, it is possible to create such environment at home, but it is very unlikely that highly qualified professional will provide cosmetic tattooing services at a private residence.

Another important point is the observance of the established hygiene regulations. Cosmetic tattooing services are non-medical procedures, but that does not mean that the cosmetic tattooist has to work at home. It is illegal and does not match any of the hygiene regulations. The establishment where the permanent cosmetics services are provided cannot be located in a residential area, and should have a separate entrance.


Why should we continue to groom the eyebrows after the semi-permanent makeup procedure?

Experts admit that clients ask this strange question often enough. It is hard to explain what is causing this misconception since tattooing is not hair removal, and after the cosmetic tattooing procedure, the hair continues to grow, as before.

After the cosmetic tattooing procedure, the eyebrow grooming is required to adjust the eyebrows, as the eyebrows are shaped for the permanent makeup and the hairs that fall outside the boundaries of the contour need plucking. For example, the cosmetic tattooist made a slight arch “lift” and natural brows are growing below it. You may get two eyebrow tips if the hairs are not tweezed.

If a woman has naturally light or gray hair, the hairs need a tint or be pulled out after the cosmetic tattooing procedure. But eyebrow semi-permanent makeup will greatly simplify the task as a woman sees the finished shape and only removes excessive hairs.


Permanent tattooing is not an alternative to the conventional makeup.

Can the permanent tattooing replace the regular makeup? The permanent makeup advocates may cross swords on this subject with the opponents of the procedure for hours. But the experts agree that permanent tattooing prospects are much wider than those of regular makeup.

How does the permanent cosmetics differ from conventional makeup? We can add something to our appearance, and it will stay for a while. For example, if a woman does not have eyebrow tips, the eyebrows are asymmetrical or very thin, then the permanent cosmetics may solve those issues.

Eyebrows are like the frame of a painting; they set the tone for the whole image. The change of the shape of the eyebrows can dramatically change the facial features. For example, the slight lift of the eyebrows completely changes persons’ look. The permanent cosmetics can make a person look more serious or sexier, more professional or more kind and gentle.

I believe that the tattooing to some extent can be an alternative to conventional makeup, in particular for women who use cosmetics every day. Shaped eyebrows, eyeliner and lips allow to spend less time on makeup in the morning, and help to save money on purchases of a variety of shades for brows, pencils, lipsticks and other beauty products.

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