Full, “sable-looking” eyebrows are in the trend today. Women who did everything they could to get rid of the broad eyebrows in the past are actively trying to grow it back or draw the full eyebrows. The cosmetic tattooists are there to help those who are unable to cope with the appearance of their brows.

The eyebrows’ tattooing is one of the most popular and affordable procedures, which allows to change the shape of the eyebrows and enhance facial features semi-permanently. Meanwhile, there are many myths related to the permanent cosmetics, and those myths may negate the positive transformation possible.

The most common myth is that the permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing do not disappear completely. This myth scares many women who want to improve the look of their eyebrows. Experts confirm that this is not true, but there is some ground for such misapprehensions. Unfortunately, not always eyebrows’ tattoo disappears from the face evenly and completely.

Cosmetic permanent eyebrows makeup should disappear completely, but how fast it will go away depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on the technique used by the cosmetic tattooist (how deep and tightly she or he implants permanent makeup pigments into the skin), and on the pigment formulations (the manufacturer and chemical composition). Nowadays all self-respecting licensed permanent makeup artists, prepare and use pigments with prolonged properties, which fade evenly. The speed at which the pigmentation components will leave the skin is a very important factor which is always considered when prolonged cosmetic tattoo pigments are created. The fading rate of those components needs to be approximately the same.

The cosmetic eyebrow tattoo pigmentation should stay no longer than 1.5-3 years. This period is determined by one simple reason: during this time the eyebrows fashion style may change, and the shape of the face may change as well.

Some women may encounter with the situation when their tattooed eyebrows after a particular time may change their color to gray, blue or even red. It happens because the different pigment components fade at a different rate. For example, if the master used outdated pigments of Chinese origin or pigment for artistic tattoos, which are banned for use on the face. In this case, it is necessary to see a specialist, who will help the client to decide whether to refresh existing permanent eyebrow makeup, to perform a laser tattoo removal, or change the color.

The scars are another unpleasant outcome of tattooing eyebrows. The scars may be caused by rough work of the technician or by the type of the equipment used for tattooing. To avoid this and before the procedure, be sure to study the works of the cosmetic tattooist and carefully read the testimonials.

The Face Boutique by Irina offers permanent cosmetics services, which can significantly improve appearance by giving the lines of the eyes, eyebrows and lips sharpness, and color saturation. The person will look more well-groomed and attractive on any occasion. Irina guarantees high-quality semi-permanent makeup. She works exclusively with high-quality equipment manufactured in Germany and Switzerland. The high quality of this equipment is widely recognized among the best permanent makeup artists. She uses the best certified German pigments. Those pigments are natural and safe for the face skin and made from environmentally friendly minerals.

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