The truth about permanent makeup colours

Why fading permanent makeup colour could turn into purple eyebrows, pink eyebrows….. Undesirable permanent makeup colour changes may be due to pigment type used, technician inexperience or hyperpigmentation physiological response.

Permanent makeup colour results are a combination of experience, education, best guess, and luck. I as experienced permanent makeup artist have learnt how to make the colour turn out right for each client. It takes years of observation of various colours used on various skin tones to know what to expect from the colours. I know how a colour looked after several months and after several years.

Eyebrows with unnatural orange, blue, grey and green colourings and lip procedures with blue, purple and grey staining can be corrected and brought back to a more attractive look with the skilled layering of corrective pigments. Your expectations must be realistic, as results are not always comparable to new permanent makeup enhancements.

The best way to obtain attractive, safely applied permanent makeup is to carefully select a qualified and experienced specialist. Unfortunately, many consumers choose a technician based on a low price or convenient location and later regret that choice. This is your face and a bargain price isn’t a bargain if the end result is less than satisfactory. Color knowledge is one of the most important factors to a quality application of permanent cosmetics. Techniques vary for different results so make sure you ask if the artist is capable of giving you the look you want.

Although permanent makeup will fade over time, inferior work can be heartbreaking. Fortunately, in many cases permanent makeup mistakes I can correct or at least improve.


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