Cosmetic Tattoo eventually fades and disappears, and body tattoos hold a lifetime.

The resistance of the permanent cosmetics depends on the age of a client, the structure of the skin and the environment. It is clear that the severe cold or stifling heat are not very good for the skin and affect the makeup. So, in average, the permanent makeup stays from 1.5 to 5 years, after this period correction is required!

The procedure of applying the cosmetic tattoo requires specialized cosmetic tattooing equipment, technique, and cosmetic tattoo pigments (colour).

The pigments used for the permanent makeup procedure have the vegetable-mineral base; they are harmless and in most cases do not cause any allergic reactions. Some of the pigments are suitable even for those who cannot use conventional cosmetics. The best pigments are produced in Italy and Germany.

Permanent cosmetics services are standard for beauty salons and cosmetic surgery centers. But the permanent cosmetics services are not part of the general public services like nail extension. Peak demand for the permanent cosmetics procedure, in the female half of the population, is the vacation and the beach season. Moreover, both women and men are resorting to cosmetic tattoo.

Men, for grooming, most often limit themselves with shaving only. Maybe, they just do not know that with the help of permanent cosmetics, it is quite easy to camouflage a scar on the eyebrow, to simulate the presence of hair on the scalp, retouch the beard and mustache if any.

Do not confuse cosmetic tattoo with a tattoo. Both procedures have the same principle of introducing colored pigments under the skin with a special needle. During the cosmetic tattooing application, the needle penetration is much less only 0.3-0.5 mm. Today, the specialized equipment for beauty salons is used; this equipment does not traumatize the skin.

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