Another frequent misconception related to permanent makeup is that cosmetic eyebrow tattooing affects the natural growth of eyebrows. In reality, it is very hard to get rid of unwanted hair. Otherwise, the beauticians would not be continuously working on inventing new ways of hair removal.

Eyebrow cosmetic tattoo does not affect the natural growth of hair. The cosmetic pigment is implanted into the top layer of the dermis, which is located right under the epidermis. The hair follicle itself is located on the border with the hypodermis, the lower part of the dermis. With the proper conduct of the permanent makeup procedure, the hair follicle is not damaged and cosmetic tattooing does not affect the further growth of hair.

The improper performed cosmetic tattooing procedure, when the so-called “Master” introduces the needle too deeply and damage the hair follicle, may result in not only the hair loss or even scarring.

Many women ask if they need to remove the hair before the eyebrow cosmetic tattooing procedure. There is no reason to do so. However, some cosmetic tattooists prefer to shave away the eyebrows completely before the procedure. Apparently, for their convenience.

Do not remove the eyebrows under no circumstances; I do not recommend to pluck the eyebrows before the procedure. The cosmetic tattooist must see the real picture and where the natural hair grows. Of course, if the client is suffering from alopecia (hair loss) or if the laser hair removal has been made, then there is nothing we can do about it.

Some beauticians do remove the eyebrows and reshape the brow arch to the desired configuration. I believe, that this is not appropriate as there is nothing better and more beautiful than natural eyebrows. Our goal is to improve the shape, rather than to create entirely artificial eyebrows.

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