Microblading: The Essential

If you are reading this, it’s safe to say that you are looking for ways to enhance and the shape of your eyebrows without spending so much time on them. This method goes with several names: eyebrow tattoo, micropigmentation, and eyebrow microblading –another form of cosmetic tattooing.

Microblading is a unique method to get semi-permanent results, where in this case, your eyebrows. Done right, not only your eyebrows will look as polished and primed as you wanted, you can save a lot of time to getting them ready!

The method involves the use of a manual knife or a digital pen small enough to inject the ink into the skin.  Unlike traditional tattoos where the ink gets injected deep into the skin, microblading method will have the ink injected into the uppermost layer of your skin. The esthetician will set the tool depending on the thickness and depth that you want your brows to be and dip the needles containing pigment into your skin, creating hair strokes like a natural hair should.

The whole process is not that painful but you can ask for some numbing cream beforehand to lessen any discomfort if your skin is sensitive, so no worries!

Benefits of Microblading

Apart from getting eyebrows that you’ve always dreamed of that stays, there is no downtime with microblading and you can get on with your work right after the session ends (of course, a selfie with your new brows may be essential).

Microblading is also low maintenance compared to eyebrow extensions; the pigment stays no matter how active your activities are and you only need a touch up once a year just to be it as pristine as always, or update the shape with current trend – the choice is yours.

So, in a way, this method is totally worth it, some could say it’s an investment.

Overall, this method can last you up to two years’ maximum (with touch ups is required a few months before, or if you notice your new eyebrows fades away) though in some cases it may fade away faster: for example, if your skin is quite oily it won’t hold the pigments very well, or if your body is anemic, iron oxides contained in the pigment will also fade away as your body takes them as a supplement.

If that’s the case, frequent touch ups may be necessary. You may need to confirm with your cosmetic tattoo artist after your first session for exact time.

A word of precaution: eyebrow microblading is not for you if you already have a solid tattoo on the brows – the subtle colors won’t be visible.


And of course, for any invasive procedure, it’s best for you to get the treatment from qualified personnel – this method can create unwanted scarring that can be hard to cover up. Ask someone that has the treatment for feedback and recommendations, as well as asking the centre for portfolios for you to see the results.

How To Prepare Yourself For The Microblading or Cosmetic Tatoo

After setting the date, you can start preparing for a smooth sailing during the session. A week before the date, stop any alcoholic drinks, aspirins, blood thinners, or even applying retinol as it makes your skin thin and vulnerable to unnecessary bleeding.

After Eyebrow Microblading Done

Swelling and minor redness is normal. Give it a couple of days for the after effects to fade and you can start enjoying your new eyebrows!

Microblading Worth It?

Now you know the essential info of brow microblading, you can be sure that this method is totally worthy of your time and money. Contact us directly and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about microblading eyebrows, to help you make informed decisions to beautify your eyebrows.

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