Your eyes are the window to the soul as some say, and that means that your eyebrows are the frames. Having ones that are perfectly shaped and groomed are essential to making your eyes pop. Then you have others that make the person look like they are forever surprised, or it just doesn’t look right. And when the eyebrows are done correctly they look awesome and change your face. I have family that have had their eyebrows done permanently and knowing the right shape is key to doing this because once they are on, they are on for good. You can’t just pluck the hairs and start over or draw them in until they grow back.


Knowing Your Face Shape Is First and Foremost

There are six different kinds of face shapes. There is the oval shape, square shape, round, heart, long and the diamond face shape. In order to find your shape get a ruler and see how long your face is from the top of your head to the bottom of your chin. Divide that number by three and then also measure from the bottom of your nose to your chin. If the last number is larger than the dividend in the second step you have a long face if it less than that number you have a round face, and if they are equal you generally have an oval face. But this is a guideline. You then look at your face and can determine once you have an idea if you have a more heart shaped face or diamond face as well. This is your first step to having beautiful brows.


Type of Brows for Your Face Shape

The easiest face shape to do permanent brows on is the Oval Shape (think Eva Mendes). You aren’t trying to make it appear shorter or thinner, it’s a very nice shape to already have and softly angled brows work best because they complement it.  A Heart Shaped (think Scarlett Johannsson or Reese Witherspoon) face which has a prominent jaw line is looking to be softened. A nice low arch and a rounded brown, nothing pointy, will give the face an actual heart shape and make it look more feminine.


Many with a Long Shaped (think Liv Tyler) face are looking to have it appear a bit shorter. Straight across brows with a slight taper at the end will help to create this look. A Round Shape (think Emma Stone) is looking to appear more elongated. In order to do this a high arch will help and creating vertical lines and angles. Rounded shapes will only add to the roundness of the face.

Square Shapes (think Kiera Knightly) can go either way, by accentuating the strong jaw with a thicker more prominent brow or softening it with a curvier brow. This can also be done for the Diamond Shape (Jennifer Love-Hewitt) because both are potentially looking to soften the facial structure.

Having the perfect brows can add so much to your appearance without having to do much in the way of makeup. So instead of trying to do up the eyes and the lips and the contouring ala the Kardashians, you can just have your brows done perfectly and permanently, and then you’ll never have to worry.


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