At Face Boutique by Irina, I offer customized and unique cosmetic tattooing treatments for each client. All treatments begin with a comprehensive consultation that will target your specific needs, concerns and determine the desired goals, along with, detailed aftercare instructions.

Face Boutique by Irina is in high demand by many because of Irina’s standard.
Irina is highly trusted and regarded Cosmetic Tattooist & Permanent Makeup Artist by having built in Melbourne Cosmetic Tattooing Industry reputation for quality and the most natural looking results.

The wonderful thing about Semi-Permanent Makeup at Face Boutique by Irina is that you can achieve a very subtle and natural effect and only YOU know you have it. Moreover, Permanent make-up treatments in Face Boutique by Irina often give more natural results than traditional cosmetics.

Whether you call it Cosmetic Tattooing, Derma pigmentation, Micro implantation, Micro-pigmentation, Semi-Permanent Enhancement, Permanent Makeup or Permanent Cosmetics, it is a way to get up feeling good about how you look and to make your life easier.

Anyone who wants to look their best, anytime or anywhere, should consider Cosmetic Tattooing Enhancement. You will look younger, fresher and more attractive. Semi-Permanent Makeup Enhancement will considerably reduce the time you spend on applying traditional makeup, and it will stay in place beautifully.

As every face is unique so is every client.

I understand that they require my absolute attention and that is what I promise to provide. Everybody’s beauty can be enhanced – my absolute skill is artistically balancing facial features to reach this goal.  I make sure that colour and shape are adapted to your face and your personality. I always take into account your natural facial expression and skin colour.

My qualifications are Advanced Skin Therapist and Cosmetic Tattooist / Semi Permanent Makeup Artist and Makeup Artist.  Even though having completed master courses and advanced techniques in Cosmetic Tattooing / Semi Permanent Makeup I still pursue perfection. I undergo updated training at least once a year.

My Before and After Cosmetic Tattooing / Semi Permanent Makeup Photos are all genuine examples of my own work and were taken directly after the treatments.

What Can I Give You

  • Professional, detailed and honest consultation
  • I listen carefully to your wishes. I interpret what you are saying. I confirm what has been said, checking that we both understand, and I make suggestions and offer appropriate choices according to my experience as a cosmetic tattoo professional and beauty therapist.
  • Affordable price policy. Every face is unique on Face Boutique by Irina so every price is a subject to discussion. It depends on your preferences, skin type, how many procedures do you wish, etc. Book your free consultation to discover your special price!
  • 120% secure. As a woman, I want that my life is secured absolutely and a little bit more. Your money and your personal details including your phones numbers, emails, pictures are safe with Face Boutique by Irina.
  • Guarantee painless, minimal traumatism, fast healing and quality. During Cosmetic tattoo procedure, I use the latest advanced Swiss tattoo equipment for highest quality, precision and hygiene. This powerful tattoo machine is made from some of the best materials and components available on the market. Sweden quality guarantees painless process, high precision in lines and the final result that lasts for years without colour blending or discolouration.
  • Absolute sterility certified equipment and materials. I use only sterile and disposable materials complying with hygiene standards. I use single-use needle modules, offers you absolute security when it comes to hygiene and sterility. Unopened new and sterile needle modules are opened in your presence.
  • Excellent customer support. Email, SMS or give me a call – I will be back ASAP!